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About Us

At Gold Standard Gluten Free Baking Corp, we are passionate about providing the most luxurious gluten-free products to our customers. Our gourmet bagels and baked goods are steeped deep with European heritage, and we take great pride in rising clear above the rest. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to indulge in delicious, high-quality baked goods without worrying about gluten.

gluten free bagels with smoked salmon
gluten free
gluten free focaccia with toppings

The Story...

The history of baking dates back to 2600BC where the Egyptians were the first to use some of the first modern baking techniques.  By 1500BC, the introduction of yeast for bread fermentation was discovered. From there the popularity of baking bread spread.  

Fast forward to the 15th century Europe, the introduction of yeast made specifically for the purpose of making bread was now common and made breads more convenient and gave a better, more Luxurious product if you will.  Gold Standard Gluten Free Baking Corp was born when a few interesting people got together.

They are, a Baker, a Restauranteur, and an Entrepreneur.  Together their talents and passion made it evident they would start something great. Something Better.  Something more luxurious.  Something Gluten Free!

They began to scour the world for the best ingredients, the best "Old School Techniques", and of course the best bakers they could find.

This newly formed group wanted to create a more Luxurious Gluten Free Experience.  Nothing else would do. 

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